At the end of September we went back on the road ….

On 28.09.2019 it was finally time! We were able to load our two trucks with the donated goods.Almost all club members, friends, acquaintances and family have actively helped.

On the evening of the 28th we made our way towards Santorini / Greece. The road led us across Germany to Austria and from there via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Piraeus / Athens in Greece. On Friday the 04.10.19 we took the ferry from there to Santorini, where we arrived in the afternoon at 15.00 clock. On Saturday the 05.10. we started unloading the trucks. With great astonishment, we also watched many tourists who follow our page on Facebook came to our aid. On Sunday afternoon, we had both unloaded trucks and prepared for the return journey. Three club members stayed one more week on Santorini to help in the shelter.  

Here are a few impressions of the loading in Germany and the unloading on Santorini. Videos can be found in our new category „VIDEOS“!

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