On axis for the fur noses on Santorini

The association „On Axis for the Fellnoasen on Santorini“ is currently in the founding phase.

Angelika Kaiser & Mike Peun

The whole thing came about during our 5th visit to the small Greek Cyclades island ‚ Santorini ‚.

At the time, the local animal welfare association ‚ SAWA ‚ was on the verge of moving into a new shelter. Out of a desire to help with this, we started an unusual fundraiser after our return to Germany, which in June 2018.this time let us leave for Santorini with a 40-tonner full of relief supplies.

In October 2018 the trip went again to Santorini, this time by plane, because in June we arranged to help Christina & Dave in the construction of an donkey stable. This donkey stall was financed by the Animal Welfare Association Santorini e.v. from Mainz through donations and delivered to the island by our aid transport.

During this 10 day stay at SAWA, the idea of supporting an association to support was a final foot.

The foundation association supports TSV Santorini e.V. Mainz and also the Santorini Animal Welfare Association (SAWA), which operates directly on site.