A home for the donkeys

Kamp-Lintfort After a vacation, Angelika Kaiser and Mike Peun had lost their hearts to the Greek holiday island of Santorini and its four-legged inhabitants. They organized an unparalleled relief operation and in June this year, a 40-tonne full of animal support material headed for Greece (City Panorama reported). Von Anja König

Around 3,000 kilometers, the couple went back to feed donations and auxiliary materials, including a donkey barn, a donkey lift and an X-ray machine – to deliver personally in the shelter on site. Already there they gave Christina Kaloudi, who runs the shelter on Santorini with great dedication and passion, the promise: In October we will come back and help to build the donkey house. Said and done! And so Angelika and Mike traveled on October 13 again to the holiday island – this time with the plane. 58/5000 „The second stable was badly needed,“ says Angelika. „Currently live 22 donkeys, mules and horses in the Gnadenhof, urgently need protection for wind and rain in the coming winter.“ 50/5000 Four donkeys did not survive last winter. The animals that live on the Gnadenhof are often too weak to survive the winter. „The donkeys on Santorini serve as a tourist attraction of the island, they carry tourists from the port up the steep crater walls in the villages. If the animals get too old or too weak, nobody cares about them anymore. The donkeys are then often just left to themselves or killed, „says Mike. Those who can escape this fate, land at Christina Kaloudi.

Eleven days Angelika and Mike were on site and together with Christina and her husband Dave they worked hard every day to complete the donkey stable at this time. „We ate right and there was soreness without end,“ says Mike, laughing. 43/5000 „But it was also a lot of fun!“

But that should not stop the commitment of the Kamp-Lintforter. „It is still missing at every corner of the plant. There is no electricity, no toilets, wheelbarrows are missing and much and much more „, says Angelika. Another large transport is planned for October next year. Initial discussions and plans are already under way. It should be more concrete next spring. We will report!

If you would like to know more about the project and the travels of Angelika Kaiser and Mike Peun, you will find a lot of information and pictures on facebook under „On the Move for the Fur Noses of Santorini“. Informieren kann man sich auch unter www.tierschutzverein-santorini.de und www.sawasantorini.org.

Quelle: Stadtpanorama