At the end of September we went back on the road ….

On 28.09.2019 it was finally time! We were able to load our two trucks with the donated goods.Almost all club members, friends, acquaintances and family have actively helped.

On the evening of the 28th we made our way towards Santorini / Greece. The road led us across Germany to Austria and from there via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Piraeus / Athens in Greece. On Friday the 04.10.19 we took the ferry from there to Santorini, where we arrived in the afternoon at 15.00 clock. On Saturday the 05.10. we started unloading the trucks. With great astonishment, we also watched many tourists who follow our page on Facebook came to our aid. On Sunday afternoon, we had both unloaded trucks and prepared for the return journey. Three club members stayed one more week on Santorini to help in the shelter.  

Here are a few impressions of the loading in Germany and the unloading on Santorini. Videos can be found in our new category “VIDEOS”!

Throwback: Bad storm on Santorini


Storm number 12 has been hitting us since last night. For our shelter it was the worst one this winter as the damage is beyond anything we could imagine. No animal has been harmed even though one dog area collapsed and opened underground allowing the “Terrorville” pack to run out… the fact that all our dogs are daily socialized together as a single pack prevented any fights. The road to the shelter is of course entirely washed away not even safe to walk on and once again we are cut off from the rest of the island and the much needed supplies. This means we are back to the old donkey trails a 30′ daily hike up the mountain with whatever we can carry on our backs. For the fist time the fenced areas caved in allowing the animals to escape, fortunately they all stayed together at the only thing close to what could be home…the shelter. All our gates are blocked from debris inside/out as the torrents flowing down the mountain literally made their way once again through the shelter not even giving us time to recover and repair all damage from the previous storm.These extreme weather patterns of intensive rainfall are clearly something we have never experienced before on Santorini. The Cyclades are by far one of the most arid parts of the Mediterranean and climate change has started taking a toll… Winters will only get worse and to survive we have to adjust to a new reality. Again we kindly ask for your support. Thank you for standing by them!

SAWA-Santorini Animal Welfare Association

A non-governmental organization founded in 1992 by active and dedicated animal lovers of the island of Santorini, Greece.

SAWA is designed to protect the island’s animals-from stray dogs and cats to abandoned donkeys and mules.

In close cooperation with the municipality of Thira and the local veterinarian, SAWA assures that all stray animals are neutered, vaccinated and treated in the event of injury, illness or poisoning, and if possible made home again in Greece or abroad Be.

In addition, SAWA monitors the implementation of the Code of Practice/Code of Service Animal Protection for all donkeys and mules operating in the bay and is constantly working to curb their health and working conditions.

SAWA currently has around 120 dogs, 23 donkey/mule/have horses and 2 pigs.

Honorary Office that brings joy

Honorary Office that brings joy

Support, both financially and actively, is urgently needed on Santorini. That is why we have made it our mission to support the SAWA animal welfare association from Germany.

In the winter of 2017/2018 we started our first project and called for money & donations in kind for the construction of the shelter on Santorini, after careful planning & organization we were able to go to the small Cyclades island in June 2018 with a fully loaded 40 tonner. Breaking.

This action was a complete success and so we decided to make repeated calls for donations in order to further advance the ‘ construction ‘ of the shelter or the Gnadenhof’s of the donkeys, because there is still a lack of much on the ground.

This time we are planning a transport for October 2019